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CCTV Security Surveillance & Solutions

PTS is one of the reputed Distributors of surveillance and security systems in Maharashtra State. We are the Distributors of a comprehensive range of CCTV cameras, Digital Recorders, Biometric/ Finger Print Access Control Systems, Alarm Systems. PTS of Vision Eye Technologies was initiated to cater to the security and protection needs of the people. PTS introduces high end surveillance equipment’s such as Facial Recognition Access Systems to IR/ Night Vision Cameras. Our team works around the clock to bring the latest technology in the security surveillance industry. At PTS we believe in not only selling products to our customers but also servicing our customers therefore providing end to end solutions from building floor plans, to suggesting appropriate equipment’s providing installations and training.


CCTV is one of the most important and commonly used security system for home, business and public safety. Surveillance recordings from these cctv camera allow you to watch your property for any illicit and uncalled for activities. There are different kinds of cctv camera available for various kinds of surveillance.

Access Control systems increase security within your premises. Fingerprint reader, pin combination, facial recognition systems, RFID card reader are the different kinds of access control systems available in the market. These systems can be used to increase security at home and business places. Restricting entry into your premises is the most important step towards attaining safety, only authorized users are granted access into your homes, bedrooms, safes, offices, cabins etc. in-built alarms in access control systems alert owners in case an unauthorized entry s attempted.

Construction & Real Estate

Buildings and Construction industry includes constructing new buildings also remodeling and rebuilding old buildings. Security and safety concerns are increasing among residents, offices and commercial places. Parks, gyms, parking spots, elevators and many such places inside our buildings require constant monitoring for the safety of our loved ones. Video Door phones help each resident in the building watch who approaches their homes, CCTV (night vision/outdoor cameras) help your guards watch the building parameter. Burglar Alarms help detect movement inside as well as outside your houses. Like you can see now most building and construction companies are opting for better safety and surveillance equipment to provide you a better and safe lifestyle.

Public and Infrastructure Security

Public security is playing a crucial role in ensuring the protection of citizens, organizations, and institutions against threats to their well-being and to the prosperity of this country. India is a fast- growing economy, our progress and growth depends on important infrastructure development such as airports, highways, bridges, railways, transport hubs, electricity grids, power plants and much more. As a result, they have become highly interconnected, and interdependent. Intrusions and disruptions in one infrastructure might provoke unexpected failures to others. Today public security is becoming an important political and economic issue, nationally as well as internationally. Political parties, our government, public organizations and many more institutions are closely collaborating to guarantee public and infrastructure security and maintain a stable environment for economic prosperity.

More and more surveillance being installed in all these sectors, from night vision cameras, speed dome cameras at the airports to Digital Video Recording systems at Railway stations. These systems are offering security footage which can help our defense bodies make sure the well-being and safety of the citizens as well as our infrastructure facilities which been heavily invested in.