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We manufacture and retail customized drones, robots and energy systems for the industrial sector and agriculture. We provide both consumer-level and customer-end customers with simple, smart, safe and high-efficient products. we are laying the platforms for the humanitarian to be live in the safest earth by directing the engineering capabilities to safe guard the earth.

we recognize that creative thinking and smart work are the key drivers for innovation of the new products. This belief extends to the empowerment of the people who started to work with us. Like numerous companies, we began with a dream, vision and the guts to make of it. Our humble starting began with advancement and openness on the assembling of flying robots for different applications.

Making the ideal way to bring the innovation down to the common people. There is parcel of deterrents between the innovation and regular people. we distinguished and making the answers for them cooperative reasoning and join work of PTS family. we make the eco-tech coordinated frameworks that advance the lives of the common people.

Our Vision

Turn into the birthplace of the trend setting innovations to drive the future world. We solidly trust that PTS solutions will turn into the most motivation venture for the new eco-friendly advances. We take care of the intricate issues for vitality prerequisites in different ventures with ingenious solutions. We advance the lives of the people by making well-disposed to the unmanned innovation.